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Friday, March 5, 2010

Remembering Who I Was, Who I Am!

I spent this last week in a sort of eye opening time warp. I had the opportunity to spend some meaningful time with my best highschool pals. The first thing that I realized was just how easy it was to just be together. Without skipping a beat, we were reminiscing, laughing, hugging each other. It was .. it is like, we could just be ourselves, real, unjaded. I found myself shedding the armour that I sometimes hide behind. The amazing thing is that these friendships, the old and true seem to make it possible to be ourselves, pure, with the added benefits of having accumalated some life experiences. What a gift it is to be able to remember who you were before life got complicated. Well, I like that girl. The one with the dreams and insatiable thirst for life. I was fearless and curious ( can be a dangerous combination when under the influence) but man, did I have fun!!!
I have no regrets, my life today is beautiful and full of blessings. I am grateful. What I would regret, would be to not allow this week's experiences to remind me of what I can be.
Thank you my precious friends for being so easy to be with. In your eyes I see a reflection of me that ROCKS!!!!!!!!