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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is it possible to have it all?

I just finished having a very insightful conversation with my significant other about my thoughts, goals and dreams for my life. It was insightful because his honest, "realistic" take on life has brought me crashing down back to earth. Don't you just hate it when someone wipes out your dreams in seconds? With one word, one look it was gone. I wanted to scream, cry, jump up and down (yes, I can still do that!?) and tell him he was wrong!! I CAN have it all. I can make all my dreams come true and still find balance and peace. I can. Right???
The answer is ...I don't know anymore. Actually, I do know. I know that I am not super human, without physical limits. I also know that I am stubborn and determined and I hate it when someone tells me I can't.
This conversation also made me realize that two people that love each other don't always grow in the same direction.

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