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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

These brownies are so beautiful they should be called "Queen of the Universe"

Ok, so I'm fulfilling my promise to Sabrina to write. As I review my other posts, I realize that there has been a lot of introspection and philosophy in my posts and well, frankly, that has to stop. I'm really tired of all the looking inward and wrestling matches with my mind and the tag team matches (where someone close to me runs to my corner and my hand gets tagged from behind the ropes and next thing you know, I'm in) from the other middle agers around me. About three minutes ago, I look a tray of homemade brownies out of the oven. I set them down on the counter and took in a deep, cocoa-scented, mouthwatering breath. Then, a sigh. Watery eyes. Small tear. I'm on a gluten free diet (well, at least 90% of the time) and these brownies are so NOT gluten free. Hmmm, not matter. I know full well that I will have a little piece and that's good enough to keep me contented. When I was mixing the batter, I looked down at the perfect consistency of the batter in my bowl and said out loud " these brownies are so beautiful they should be called Queen of the Universe" and then I laughed, again out loud. Actually, this is not my recipe but one I have made before from the Donna Hay cookbook I keep handy in the kitchen. She has great recipes. Simple and very tasty. The kind of recipes that make you say "Holy Crap" at the dinner table and then have to apologize and tell your kids not to say " Holy Crap!" at the dinner table.

What else? Oh, yeah: people need to stop crapping on FB that it's cold out. If you were born here and this "phenomenon" surprises you very year so much so that you need to tell your plethora FB "friends", half of which grew up with you spending hours on end after school and on the weekends outside in minus 30 degree temperatures with your scarves frozen to your upper lips and snow caked to the ass of your Kmart snowsuit, uh, you need to get over it ( I was going to say "you need a slap in the face" but I promised to keep my edit button on so as not to offend). Drink some hot coffee, wear socks, put a friggin' hat on (because face it, you're not cool anyway) and warm up your car. Problem solved.

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