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Thursday, January 21, 2010


After speaking to some good friends and doing some of my own research, I have been informed, that in order to change the direction of your life, you must JUST DO IT! ( hey NIKE really had something there!) I have journals filled with plans and ideas. I have read many self help books that provided me with more plans and more ideas of how I can take the steps needed to change my life and finally get going in the direction I feel I should be heading. Well, I had to finally admit that if I spent as much time exercising and preparing healthy meals as I do researching, reading and planning I would be giving Linsay Lohan a run for her anorexic body. So with that, I am proud to say that I have just finished my second 20 min walk of the week and only gave in once to my Cherry Blossom obsession and it was worth every bite. No regrets!

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  1. Good for you!!! This is a great thing. I wanted to share my "just do it" method...My method was to enter in running events (both fundraisers like Run for a Cure, and timed running events) and triathlons. I started by entering a 5km run or two, then the next year 10km. The triathlons were fun because first I had to learn to swim!! By paying the entry fee, and not liking to throw money away, I HAD to train. I don't excel in these events, but getting out there and finishing is awesome, even if you walk. The atmosphere is exciting, and gives you the ability to improve every year. I highly recommend making an attainable goal for yourself, and like you have already identified, JUST DO IT!!! Your success depends on much more than being motivated - the rewards you see will add to the factor! For that, you need to do it!
    Have fun!