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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scratch it off the list!

Well, ladies, here it is! I have begun the blog to end all blogs! With the help of my coauthor Sabrina, I hope to bring a new dimension to my dementia. My New Year's Resolution was to devote 2010 to moi and voila! the blog we said we would start not six months ago. So "Happy New Year" everyone. For better or worse, here I come!


  1. Hey cool! Two questions; how do become "coauthor"? and do spelling mistakes count??

  2. Welcome to Blogland.....congratulations on getting your list started....Enjoy!

  3. Well, I still haven't figured out the "coauthor" thing but this commenting will do.
    Mia, what better way for you and I to journey into self acknowledgment than through writing. It worked 25 years ago, then I believe it will work today.
    First thought, what is the difference between personal growth and a mid-life crisis??

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